lauantai 21. syyskuuta 2013

Thaimaan kuninkaallinen lähetystö on huolissaan maansa kansalaisista vai mistä?

Alla olevan ehdotuksen teki Thaimaan kuninkaallinen lähetystön edustaja Selawt 21.9.2013 maansa kansalaisille, 50 marjanpoimijalle Äänekosken vanhassa seurakuntatalossa.


Information from Ber-Ex Oy to 50 Ber-Ex pickers
via the Royal Thai Embassy, Helsinki

IN FINLAND . . from each forest-berry worker Ber-Ex aims to deduct between 1,324 - 1,400 € from their earnings. This sum includes (in Euro) the following:

Upon arrival . . Rice 6 €, petrol 10 €, rain-coat 12 € 28.00 / Picker
Weekly pocket-money in advance @ 50.00 / Week
Accommodation and car rent 16.50 / Day
Arranging new air ticket Helsinki - Bangkok 150.00 / Picker

Ber-Ex also aims to be ‘the deductor’ of all ‘picker-debt’ IN THAILAND irrespective of whether picker-debt is with the BAAC or money-lenders, and regardless of whether pickers never loaned money from Ber-Ex.

The total ‘picker-debt-in-Thailand’ that Ber-Ex aims to deduct / command includes all recruiting agent fees and interests, the original air-fare etc. If implemented these ‘deductions-in-Thailand’ will leave most pickers indebted to Ber-Ex to the tune of 1,000 - 2,000 Euro.

According to the Royal Thai Embassy . . Ber-Ex has divided the pickers to 3 groups:

27 workers
This group has no money from berry-picking. After Ber-Ex deductions these workers would have to loan (more) money from Ber-Ex for their new ticket to Bangkok - and then still have to ask their families to help get them home from the airport. (Many pickers say they cannot do this and can no longer return home.)

12 workers
After Ber-Ex deductions this group will be left with some money from berry-picking but not enough to cover their new tickets to Bangkok. This group too will need to loan money from Ber-Ex to cover the cost of their return tickets.

11 workers.
After Ber-Ex deductions and deduction of cost of flight to Bangkok this group will receive, in Finland, about 22 Euro in cash.

Pickers are informed by the Royal Thai Embassy that despite how angry they have made their employer, Ber-Ex Oy is still kind enough to lend them more money to go home!

Suolahden Action Group
Äänekoski, 20 September 2013

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